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Hey, Guys Learner is here with some basic and cool things about twitter.I know many of you using Twitter but if you want to use it in an effective way, you need to go through below content and I’m damn sure it will be helpful for you.
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Want to know best times to tweet

Tweeting is one thing, but knowing the best times to tweet is another thing entirely. If you’re being strategic and want to make sure your tweets are seen by as many people as possible, then this report from bit.ly could help you. Essentially, the best times to tweet is anytime between 1pm-3pm from Monday to Thursday. Bit.ly also recommend that you should avoid posting after 8pm on any day as well as after 3 pm on Fridays.

Try SMS Twitter Now

Just because smartphones have grown in popularity doesn’t mean that feature phones aren’t still being used. A section for traditional SMS still exists in settings, allowing you to receive text notifications, how many notifications you want to receive is really up to you, but bear in mind that you have to enable certain followers for mobile notifications first before you can start using it.

SMS Sleep settings

Because you don’t want to be woken up at 3 am by a Twitter user on the other side of the world, you can choose to switch off updates during certain times. Simply turn on the settings and choose the times you don’t want to receive notifications.

Nurph: Best Way to talk on twitter

Nurph is smart in that it correlates hashtags to create an ongoing conversation between Twitter users, making it easier for them to respond to one another and chat through tweeting and creating hashtag chatrooms. You can also create Twitterbots to guide users to a chatroom and funnel all your replies into the one space. Nurph is the ultimate in Twitter community curation.


dlvr.it (‘deliver it’ ) scheduled blog posts to be delivered onto Twitter and across other social media platforms, allowing you to keep up with all social media and projecting your content to as many people and in as many ways as possible at one time or many. It’s fairly by-the-numbers and simple to use, so as to be effective as possible.

Who ReTweeted Me

Who Retweeted Me enables you to congregate all your Retweeters on one page and thank them one by one if you so, please. It will tell you how many retweets a certain tweet has had as well as the average amount of followers the Retweet-ers have and the potential reach the tweet had with their help. To top it all off, it puts the chronology of retweeting in a simple graph for you to analyze at your pleasure.


Twitter is a hard task-master where TwitLonger is merciful and sympathetic. Sometimes 140 characters aren’t enough and TwitLonger understands as such. You don’t want to write an entire blog or a novel, but you just need a few more words to convey your point. TwitLonger will cut you some slack and then post a link to your extended tweet on Twitter just so everyone won’t miss out on it.


Qwitter is an email service that keeps you up to date on your followers and those who have unfollowed you and the fluctuation in each. For people with a lot of followers, Qwitter would be very useful with its daily updates, telling you how many people you have gained and lost and putting it in a statistical context as well. It has a clean design that is similar to Twitter itself and is perfectly effective if you really need to know these details.

Twitter Stories

Considering that Facebook has just released its own version there, it’s a good time to go back to Twitter’s version, which is a year old by the way. Simply showcasing the best stories involving Twitter, the site’s aim is to get you to think of the site differently and see the creative ways the service has been used.

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