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Whether you’re a student or an educator

Whether you’re a student or an educator, newer to computer science or a more experienced coder, or otherwise interested in software engineering, we hope there’s something for you here in Google’s Guide to Technical Development.
We’ve carefully curated a collection of material from many sources, including Google, that you can use to supplement your classwork or direct your own learning.

Follow a Suggested Path

You can use any of the guide’s resources, in any order. If you’re not sure where to start, why not follow one of these paths curated by university computer science faculty and Google engineers?
Advance Learning
For Faculty

Visit the Resource Library

If you don’t want to follow a sequence we’ve suggested, you can still move throughout the Guide. The resource library includes all the items listed in all the pathways, as well as the resources from the previous edition of this guide, and more.
Coding Interview Questions
Machine Learning
Open Source

Curious about Computer Science?

Wondering what computer science is all about, or what it’s like to work in the tech industry? We’ve collected some resources for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper—including you—to find out about products, careers, and more.

About this guide

The guide provides tips and resources to help you develop your technical skills through self-paced, hands-on learning. It is intended for university-level Computer Science students considering seeking an internship or full-time role at Google or in the tech industry generally; and university faculty; and others working in, studying, or curious about software engineering. The resources we’ve cited aren’t meant to replace courses available at your university, but they may help supplement your education or provide an introduction to a topic.

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