Get Bug Ride With Uber (;


Hey, Guys Learner is here (:

I’ve found it But….
I’m not quite sure it’s bug or not but you can use it for your own profit.
Because Uber had some bugs in payment with credit and debit card and it had been solved by Mr.Anand Prakash.Again it’s a little bit buggy it thinks because you can take a ride for a time without paying to Uber.
Let’s start…

How you can do it?

  • Install Uber
  • Enter your number and signup
  • Add Your Payment Method your credit or debit card
  • Book a ride for where you want and select payment method your credit or debit card
  • Take a cool ride
  • After completion of ride, App will show payment done to driver

But But But…
After that, you can’t use the same account because Uber will take that charges on another ride.
So, I think it’s not a bug but Uber should do something for this because anyone can take long ride and then close account.It’s not cool for Uber.
I’ve not reported to Uber because I don’t think it’s a bug.

Enjoy Your Ride Guys with buggy Uber


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