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Be the Download Master you’ve always wanted to be!

Be a Download Master

If you are fond of watching movies or series but haven’t gotten around to finding them online. Well it can really get annoying if you have to miss or wait for someone (the so-called “Download Ninja”) to get them for you. Enough!

Then I’ve got the most amazing tip for you. In times of boring online portals offering trillions of adverts with gazillions of pop-ups or when/where torrents are blocked. This hack will Save Your Soul. I bet this little neat hack will take a little less than a minute.

Let the magic begin!

  • Searching Series.
  • Go to google.
  • (Ever heard of Index of search technique. Well now you have) In the search box, type – Indexof: series

Begin with the first link and Voila. Boom, Bam, Damn Daniel!

Psst..!! Be sure to check the Last-Modified date, you will know which ones are updated. I just checked this one, GoT has an updated Season 06.

Now for Movies

  • Again go to google.
  • In the search box, type – Indexof: movies or Indexof: “Movie Name”

Well this works wonders too!

Well don’t have any particular movie in mind, just go all out with the search

  • Indexof: movies

All of this! Just one click! Now doesn’t it feel good. High Five! or if nobody’s home, Self Five! No Seeds, No Peers. Still You Got It Made!

Try various search based keywords and I guarantee each page will open favorable links. In a way your accessing the indexing of the stored items on a remote server.

{Skill-Up with Codeater}

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