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What’s BrowserPass?

Browserpass is a Chrome & Firefox extension for zx2c4’s pass, a UNIX based password manager. It retrieves your decrypted passwords for the current domain and allows you to auto-fill login forms. If you have multiple logins for the current site, the extension shows you a list of usernames to choose from.
It uses a native binary written in Golang to do the interfacing with your password store. Secure communication between the binary and the browser extension is handled through native messaging.


  • A recent version of Chrome, Chromium or Firefox 50+.
  • Pass (on UNIX)
  • Your password filename must match your username or your file must have a line starting with login: or username:, followed by your username.


$ pass website.com/johndoe

$ pass website.com
login: johndoe


Start out by downloading the latest release package for your operating system. Prebuilt binaries for 64-bit OSX & Linux are available. Arch users can install browserpass from the AUR.

Installing the host application

  1. Extract the package to where you would like to have the binary.
  2. Run ./install.sh to install the native messaging host. If you want a system-wide installation, run the script with sudo.

Installing the binary & registering it with your browser through the installation script is required to allow the browser extension to talk to the local binary application.

Installing the Chrome extension

You can either install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store or drag the chrome-browserpass.crx file from the release package into the Chrome Extensions (chrome://extensions) page.

Installing the Firefox extension

You can install the Firefox extension from the Mozilla add-ons site. Please note that you will need Firefox 50 or higher.


Click the lock icon or use Alt + Shift + L to fill & submit your login info for the current site.

Note: This does not work in Firefox before version 52.


Check out Contributing.

You can get it from here

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