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Biggest Redesign in history of Snapchat

Let’s take a view of new Snapchat

Meet the new Snapchat.
  • Snapchat’s biggest redesign ever simplifies the app into three main windows and separates all communication with friends from being shown next to professionally produced content.
  • A new Discover feed shows algorithmically sorted content from┬ámedia┬ápartners and verified celebrities. Unlike Facebook, Snap employees will approve everything that appears in its content feed.
  • The redesign will be made available to a small percentage of users later this week before rolling out to everyone early next week.

After years of aversion, Snapchat is embracing the feed.

The biggest redesign in the app’s six-year history, announced Wednesday, features a new kind of algorithmically sorted feed that borrows ideas from the likes of Facebook and Netflix.

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Instead of showing posts from friends alongside content from professional publishers like Facebook, the new Snapchat separates all interactions with friends in a different section of the app to the left of the camera. That includes messaging threads and so-called “Stories” – photos and videos someone shares in chronological order that disappear in 24 hours.

A new social Media with no friends

Discover page

During Snap’s last earnings call with investors, CEO Evan Spiegel said that the planned redesign would address some of the “shortcomings” of feed-based social networks like Facebook or Twitter. By keeping friend-based communication separate from content created by professionals in the feed, Snap is trying to avoid what it sees as a pitfall of continually requiring users to add more friends to see more content.

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