Who are we?

We’re Codeaters (;

We’re always working on providing you an amazing archive of Competitive Programming Problems.We’re also a starting a community for Competitive Programmers.Let’s have a plan for Competitive Programming for fun.

Why Codeater is beneficial for you?

Because here you can find an amazing archive of Competitive Programming Problems with proper categorization.Here we provide you description about problems and solutions also.

Why Codeater is unique?

Because we’re only pretty serious about problems and test cases.We provide you all sets of problems which will be helpful in your college events if you’re planning any random events of competitive programming you can our help because in our section CP for Event we provide you all unique sets of problems with test cases and all.

Are we working for OpenSource?

Yeah, we’re working on opensource projects you can take a look at our organization for more details about our projects.

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